Three Quarters Of The way There!

I'm sure you'll all agree that the mental aspect to running can be as challenging as the physical side, sometimes harder.
If you've read my other blog post about the Disney medals you'll know that this is number 3 of a set of 4. That's 75% of them are mine and just 25% to go. That would seem like I've done most of the hard work and only got a bit more to do.
In a race, or a long run, this is usually the place where I'm struggling. The first 50% I'm good. It's a new course. My legs and breathing are fresh. I've got the target of "get to half way" to work towards. It's usually busy at the start of a race. It's mentally and physically easier to start off.
At half way I start talking to myself about having less to do than I've done and encouraging myself to finish what I've started but in EVERY event I've ran, I get to around 60% of the way and I hit my wall. And I then struggle with that on and off until I've got about 15% of the race to go. It feels the most lonely in that mid section. It feels like the end is so far away. I just find if so hard.
This medal doesn't feel like that. It feels like I've achieved a lot and only have a bit left to do. I need to try and bring this mindset to my races, maybe it will make it easier.
The sparkles on the medal help!!!! Oh, and this one has Ariel on there. She's one of my favourites!!
Running is hard - find your way to enjoy it and get through the rough bits

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