Virtual Race or a Virtual Challenge?

We have made some changes to the website over the last few weeks. So we wanted to explain the difference between a virtual race and a virtual challenge. 

We now have over 50 races and challenges you can take part in on MedalMad. Some are in the various virtual anytime challenges dropdown sections and others are in the virtual races dropdown section. So what is the difference?

Virtual Races

A virtual races takes part in a specific month

A virtual race has to be completed in that month

A medal in a virtual race is sent out from the beginning of that challenge month, and then so on as challenges are completed.

A virtual race has a results table. Result tables are shown for the current month and the previous month.

From 2020 all entries in any virtual race in that month, that are completed, are entered into a prize draw for that month.

A virtual race earns you effort points for the Leaderboard.

Completed virtual races count towards your membership level.

Virtual Anytime Challenge

Anytime virtual challenge takes place in a calendar year. So you have the whole of 2019 to complete any of the anytime virtual challenges you start in 2019.

A medal for an anytime challenge will be sent out when evidence is submitted. Evidence must be submitted in that year to claim your medal.

Anytime virtual challenges do not have a results table. But a few may appear at relevant times of the year, i.e London Marathon results may appear during the period on the London Marathon.

A virtual anytime challenge earns you effort points for the Leaderboard.

A virtual anytime challenge count towards your membership level.

You can identify the difference by the dropdown titles. Virtual anytime challenges will show you how many challenge there are and virtual races will show you how many race there are. Virtual races also have the month in the dropdown title. This will show you which month the challenge starts and when the medals are sent out. You can however submit evidence early.

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