Virtual Runners, Walkers, Cyclists and Swimmers From All Around the World

 MedalMad has continued to grow in 2019 with 1000's of virtual runners, virtual walkers, virtual cyclists and virtual swimmers taking part in our challenges. We also have a number of members who take on challenges using gym equipment. The growth has been amazing and overwhelming. One thing that does excite us is to virtual runners taking part in new countries. While we have seen huge growth in virtual challenges being taken part in the USA, Canada, Netherlands and Germany, it is always great to see a new country pop up. We have had some new ones in 2019 with Japan and Mexico being two of the newest. It is amazing to think people are taking on our challenges all around the world, and waiting excitedly to receive a medal from MedalMad. 

So to all the virtual runners, walkers, cyclists and swimmers around the world keep up your amazing work and we hope you reach your running and fitness goals.

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