Virtual Runs and Challenges for the USA

 We love seeing challengers from all around the world take part in our challenges. The team still get a buzz when we send a medal to a new city or town that we have never sent one to before.

The United States (USA) is one of the biggest destinations for our medals outside of the UK. We see a lot of challengers from all over the US but one of the biggest destination is New York. It is strange but the thought that someone in New York takes on a challenge with us then receives their medal through the post.

We know the USPS can differ in times for delivery. We often see our medals reach the US in a few days but then the difference in time from then to the front door of our challengers does differ. The average delivery times to the US is 7-10 days. But we have seen times up to 6 weeks. 

The amazing thing is that whether in the US or in the UK the process is the same. Chose your favourite virtual run or challenge from the massive range of runs and challenges we have on our website. Then using the MedalMad website or app you can submit your evidence and complete the challenge. Once completed the medal is packed and sent out to you.

We would love to have all states in the US taking on our challenges. We are looking at ways of making delivery quicker and a lower cost.

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