MedalMad Membership for 2020

 Set up 2020 for your best year of running and fitness.

Join us on our monthly target challenges and earn your FREE, BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD personalised medals, perhaps even more. You can also earn you member stars from doing any of our challenges.

Select your distance for each month by using the dropdown below. Select first 6 (Jan to June) for £60 and then if you want the big saving select the final 6 (July to Dec).

We are delighted to announce that from the 1st of January 2020 we will be  expanding our membership star medals to include bronze and silver. So now not only will you receive your gold star once you reach the GOLD level, but you will also get your own, personalised MedalMad BRONZE and SILVER stars for FREE.

So once you have completed 10 challenge you will get bronze, once you have completed 20 you will get silver and 30 you will get gold. 

To our amazement since adding this function into the app we have found that we have a number of you on your way to a lot more completed challenges. So we have added in our 60 and 100 challenges extra special medals. The designs below do not do them justice and they will look amazing.

Will we be resetting your membership level??!?? NO WAY You will start where you are from the 1st of January and will receive then next membership level medal, once you reach it.

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