SuperSmash 5KM Challenge


Welcome to the MedalKids SuperSmash 5KM Virtual Challenge. Pack sent out purchase.

Get ready for a superhero challenge to earn stunning milestone badges and the SuperSmash medal.

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Get ready for a fitness adventure like no other with the MedalKids Supersmash 5k Virtual Challenge. Designed especially for our young champs, this exciting virtual race is not just about running; it’s about fun, achievement, and earning stunning medals and milestone badges along the way.

Engage in an active lifestyle while having a blast with our Superhero-themed 5k challenge. Every participant becomes a fitness superhero, conquering the virtual world one step at a time.

Make fitness a family affair! The Supersmash 5k is a fantastic opportunity for parents and siblings to join in and support the little ones.

Bond over shared achievements, set family fitness goals, and create lasting memories of active, healthy living.

Join the Adventure:

Our user-friendly app transforms the 5k journey into a thrilling virtual adventure. Watch as your child’s avatar races through exciting landscapes, collecting badges and crossing finish lines.
Access the MedalKids community, where young participants can share achievements, swap fitness tips, and celebrate each other’s success.

Milestone Badges:

As they conquer different distances, your kids will earn milestone badges that mark their progress and keep them motivated.

With each badge earned, their confidence and sense of accomplishment will soar!

Stunning Medal:

Earn a dazzling Supersmash 5k medal, showcasing vibrant colors and an awesome superhero design. This is a medal that your child will proudly wear and cherish!

Collect four milestone badges, each representing a significant achievement during the race. These badges unlock as your young athlete progresses through the challenge.

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