About MedalKids

Anyone can take part in a MedalMad virtual challenge. They are open to anyone of all ages and abilities.

However if you are looking for something tailored to young children, with rewards sent straight away but still an online virtual option check out MedalKids.

MedalKids is a fun inclusive brand that helps kids increase their activity levels through challenges and affordable kids active wear.


Choose your MedalKids Virtual challenge on the MedalKids section of the website. 

Your medal and any other rewards are sent out straight away. This is different to MedalMad and why we have a separate section.

Complete the virtual challenge map unlocking the milestones as you go. You will receive a certificate via email once the challenge is complete. Some challenges have more than one certificate depending on the size and type of the challenge.

Why Choose MedalKids

Developed by the team of childhood physical development specialists MedalKids is here to help families be more active and develop life long physical skills.


Head over to MedalKids to find some great tools to help motivate kids to be more active.