How Our Virtual Runs & Challenges Work

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Search through our challenges and find one that motivates you. You can sign up online. Just click on Join a Race and find a medal you love and a distance that suits you. Then you are ready to go.

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Track your run using any free running tracker or use the MedalMad App. You can do your challenges in parts or as a whole and submit as much evidence as you like. Just take screenshots or photos of anything that shows you have covered the distance. You are now a virtual runner.

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You can do this on the website or via the MedalMad app. Log in to your account or the app. Go to My Challenges. You can then upload screenshots and photos as evidence.  When the progress bar reaches 100% you will get the completed pop up. 

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Once completed your medal will be on it's way. If it is a monthly challenge your medal wil be sent out that month, but you can complete challenges in advance. Good luck with your virtual running.



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Welcome to MedalMad the Virtual Runner and challenge Community. We all love taking on challenges, the satisfaction, the happiness and fulfilment it brings. But deep down for all our hard work we do like the recognition and most importantly a shiney medal. Let us inspire, support and reward all your hardwork and dedication in the pursuit of your goals with our virtual challenges.

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An award winning social enterprise to get you up and active

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We provide challenges for every ability level in return for medals

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have two choices, yep that is two ways of sending us your evidence. But you can only use one, not both for one challenge.




You can log into your account, click on My Profile and then select My Challenges. Here you will find all your active and completed challenges. Select the submit evidence button for the challenge and add images that show you hae covered the distance.


These can include screenshots of fitness trackers, photos of fitness watchs, races results, Parkrun times etc. You can add as many images as you like, add the number of miles or KM you are submiting and that is it (numbers and decimla points only NO KM or M). The progress bar will change and once it reaches 100% you are on your way to getting your medal.




Or you can download our App from the App Store or Play Store. Log in using same deatils as your website account, click on My Challenges and select the one you are completing. You can select to either to upload an exisiting screenshot or use the camera to take a photo of your running watch or similar.


Press upoad and the evidence will make its way to us. 


Once your challenge is completed it will move to the Challenge Completed section in the app.


So there is nothing stopping you, so get out and enjoy your run.

Motivating and Inspiring People to Be Active

MedalMad has been set up to help inspire and motivate people to be active. To help people benefit from being active. We want to create a community that supports each other to reach personal goals and ambitions.

We want to create a community that supports each other to reach personal goals and ambitions.

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