Community Features

Community Features

More than just a virtual challenge

MedalMad is more than just a virtual challenge site. We offer an inbuilt, private and supported range of community features. These features are there to support challengers with their motivation and inspiration.


There are three types of points on MedalMad. 

  1. Reward Points – These are earned by taking on challenges and can be used to get discounts on MedalMad challenges and products
  2. Community Points – These are earned by being a pro-active and supportive member of the community
  3. Trailtor Points are earned by collecting real life trails. Check out the Trails Directory

Social Feed

The MedalMad social feed is where you can support others, find challengers just like you and inspire people from around the world. 

With instant notifications, reactions, gifs and more you can be someone motivation, maybe without even knowing it.


Join community groups to have discussions about what helps you reach your running and fitness goals. You can even create your own group if you feel you can support others in their journey.

Join MedalMad and be a part of the community

Find other people like you taking on virtual challenges for amazing medals and rewards. Be someone else’s virtual run supporter and help each other to those running and fitness goals.