What We Do

All about what we do and why we do

MedalMad is all about the virtual running community and creating challenges & virtual runs. Supporting each other to be the best that we can be. To be active and to benefit from being active. At MedalMad we want to create the perfect virtual running platform for people to be inspired and motivated to be active. Offering a range of virtual runs and challenges that help incentivise people to start or stay being active. We also now have MedalKids offering child appropriate challenges. We may be medal mad but our knowledge and experience of how to motivate people is based on may years of experience.

Our platform provides a range of challenges. We try and offer a range of challenges for all abilities, and most of our challenges can be adapted to meet the challenger’s needs. We are always looking to expand our range of challenges to include other activities, and are delighted when a member of our community puts forward a suggestion.

We take a concept for a challenge and create the perfect medal to represent the challenge, it’s theme and the effort of the challenger to achieve the medal. This is the incentive but we want to be more than just a shop. We want to expand our platform so people can get the support they need form us and the community.

Where the Profit Goes

Part of the profits from some the challenges go to a partner charity. We are focusing on small to medium charities and ones that have been nominated by our community. We then work with them to create the medal that is linked to the charity. Our aim is to help raise a few £’s but also help raise awareness for the charity.

Other challenges the profits go to our Active Connections Fund. A fund that looks to help people be active that may be suffering from a number of barriers. This fund will supply small grants to community groups to help them help people be more active.