A bit about why I’m here

 Hi there, my name is Ashley and I have joined the challengers for a very personal reason. 5 years ago I lost my daughter due to a cardiac arrest. She had battled with heart disease for 21 years and hand undergone numerous open heart surgery’s with her last one prooving to be too much for her body to handle.

I owe so much to the British Heart foundation so I vowed to myself I would set up an annual charity event called Hack 4 Heart where I would take on challenges of riding my horse in memory of my daughter Jess whilst raising funds for the British Heart foundation.

The reason for this is because Jessica was horse mad, she had such a passion all her life for them and was always quoting winnie the pooh quotes to them so I couldn’t be more excited when I saw the 100 mile wood challenge pop up on my Facebook page and just knew this was exactly where I needed to start. 

So here I am signed up to my very 1st challenge determined to complete it and raise as much funds as possible for an amazing charity close to my heart ❤️ 

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