Children's Virtual Running and Virtual Challenges

Children can take part in all of our challenges too! All our MedalMad challenges can be completed in parts and broken down into child friendly distances to suit age and ability. Challenges do not have to completed by running, and children (or adults) can also complete their challenges by walking, cycling scooting or swimming. 

If you would like your child’s medal to arrive addressed to them then you can create a MedalKids account in their name using an alternative email address to your own account.

MedalKids account do not have access to the social features of the MedalMad website and app. 

Accounts are not able to be linked.

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Children Can Take Part Too

All ages can take part in any challenge. Kids love earning medals like mum and dad. Challenges can be broken down into much smaller activities to help younger children earn those big distance medals.

We have picked a few each month that we think would be great for young children. Please read the challenge information so you know when medals will arrive.

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Kids Challenge Boxes



MedalKids Challenge Packs Available On the Shop

We also have MedalKids Challenge packs now. Packs are sent out on purchase and so you can reward each part as they complete the challenge pack. Great for those kids that just cannot wait to get their amazing medal.

move and explore challenge
Cheeky elf challenge
Unicorn challenge
Pumpkin dash
Group Of Runners
Supersmash challenge