Where do I upload my evidence?

You have two choices, yep that is two ways of sending us your evidence. You can log into your account, click on My Profile and then select My Challenges. Here you will find all your active and completed challenges. Select the submit evidence button for the challenge and add images that show you have covered the distance. These can include screenshots of fitness trackers, photos of fitness watches, race results, Parkrun times etc. You can add as many images as you like, add the numnber of miles or KM you are submiting and that is it. The progress bar will change and you are on your way to gettting your medal.

Or you can download our tracker from the App Store or Play Store. Log in, click on my challenges and select the one you are running. Press play and off you go. It will record your distance and once completed submit the evidence for you. 

So there is nothing stopping you, so get out and enjoy your run.

How much evidence do I need?

You only need to show enough information so that we can see the challenge has been completed.

How many pieces of evidence can I upload?

You can upload as many images as you like, but the more you choose the longer it will take. So if you have added alot of selfies grab yourself a cuppa!!!

Can I walk challenges and does it have to be done in one go?

You can walk our challenges and yes you can do it in one go or in parts.

I cannot see myself on the results tables?

To be on the results table you will have had to have completed the challenge in one go. This is the main reason why people are not on the results table. If you did complete it in one go but you are not on the table please email us.

When will my medal arrive?

Your medal will arrive within 3-10 days of you recieveing the medal sent message. We try to process your evidence within two working days. Then post it out on the next post run. Please note this only happens when a challenge is open. For example if it is a March challenge then your medal will only be sent out in March once evidence has been received.

Do I have to wait till the challenge starts before submitting evidence?

No, you can submit evidence before, and we will acknowledge it, but your medal will not be sent out till the first medal post run after the challenge entry has closed.

Can I change the challenge I have signed up to for a different one?

We appreciate that circumstances change. We do try to help where we can. But once the entry closes we cannot change you entry or transfer it to a different challenge. 

How long will it take for my evidence to be acknowledged?

Our MedalMad team will respond to your evidence submissions within two working days but please allow up to 5 working days.Monday to Friday. Please note the team do not work Saturday or Sunday.

I cannot log in and my email is not recognised?

If your email is not recognised it probably means you may have entered it wrong when joining. If you have tried the password reset and that does not work please email us.

Where can I find information about the challenge?

When a challenge goes live we create a community page that will provide all the information you need about the challenge. Please do not upload any evidence here but you can share your efforts and stories.

Where is the app?

You can download the app on the App Store for ios or the Play Store if you have an android phone.

The app does not always seem to record?

The app works in the background, do not worry. To conserve battery life as many use our tracker and there fav fitness tracker we have reduced the drain on the battery. When you start make sure the blue icon appears so that you have a GPS lock and off you go.

Can I order more than one medal?

Yes of course you can. We wil take any evidence you submit as evidence ofr both or all of the medals. If other runners want to track and submit their own evidence they will beed to register and purchase the challenge themselves.