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Helping Kids to Explore the World around Them


Virtual challenges, challenge packs and active wear for active kids. Helping them to explore the world around them.


Welcome to MedalKids

MedalKids® is here to help every child be more active and through being more active learn about the world around them. 

MedalKids products are sent out on purchase, this includes virtual challenges. So parents, guardians, carers can award the medals on completion of challenges.

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Virtual Challenges

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About MedalKids

At MedalKids, we believe in the power of movement and exploration. We are a brand dedicated to encouraging kids to lead active lifestyles, explore the world around them, and embrace the joy of physical development. Our products are thoughtfully designed by specialists in child physical development, ensuring that every aspect of our brand promotes healthy growth and enjoyment for children.

At MedalKids, we prioritize the well-being and safety of children. That’s why our products are carefully crafted by specialists in child physical development. We collaborate with experts who understand the unique needs and capabilities of growing bodies. From ergonomic design to age-appropriate features, every detail is meticulously considered to ensure our products promote healthy growth and support children’s physical development.z


Taking Part

MedalKids virtual challenges are here to help you keep the kids active and learn about the world around them.

  • Helping children be more active
  • Help children learn about the world around them
  • Help children explore the world around them.
  • Help children develop fundamental movement skills.