Will Run For Gin 5KM Challenge


If you’re a gin lover then this 5km virtual challenge could be all the motivation you need! Will you Run for Gin?! If you are a fan of the classic drink then why not join this challenge and earn the perfect medal for you.

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To earn more than one medal please change QTY. You will have one challenge, but will earn all medals on its completion.
60 Days
100  Points

 Run for Gin 5KM Virtual Challenge

Calling all gin enthusiasts and fitness aficionados! Are you ready to combine your love for gin with a healthy dose of motivation? Introducing the Run for Gin Virtual Challenge – a thrilling 5km adventure designed to fuel your passion for running and your appreciation for the classic juniper spirit.


**Specific**: Lace up your running shoes and commit to completing a 5km run dedicated to celebrating your love for gin.

**Measurable**: Track your progress as you conquer each kilometrr, inching closer to your ultimate goal with each stride.

**Achievable**: Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out on your fitness journey, this challenge is tailored to accommodate all levels of experience.

**Relevant**: For gin aficionados looking to add a dash of excitement to their fitness routine, this challenge provides the perfect opportunity to indulge in your favorite pastime while staying active and healthy.

**Time-bound**: Set a deadline for yourself and mark your calendar for when you’ll conquer this exhilarating 5km run. With a clear timeframe in mind, you’ll stay focused and motivated from start to finish.

 **Earn Your Medal**

Upon completion of the Run for Gin Virtual Challenge, you’ll earn more than just bragging rights. Receive a stunning medal commemorating your achievement, proudly showcasing your dedication to both fitness and the fine art of gin appreciation.

So, what are you waiting for? Pour yourself a glass of motivation and join us as we raise our spirits – both figuratively and literally – with the Run for Gin Virtual Challenge. Lace up, sip responsibly, and let’s make every step count towards our fitness goals!

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